The Biomagnetism Training Course will Teach You. . .

The Biomagnetism Training Course will teach you Biomagnetism theory including the relationship between pH imbalance and disease.

  • You will learn Biomagnetic protocols and therapeutic techniques that you can safely apply in the comfort of your home. These techniques will help restore and maintain physical and psycho-emotional health of you and your family and/or clients.
  • You will learn how Biomagnetism works at the biological ground level to eradicate the internal conditions necessary for all manner of illness, including: infectious disease, organ dysfunction and negative psycho emotional states.
  • Using therapeutic strength magnets, you will detect and neutralize pH imbalance, thus breaking up energy blockages, eliminating habitats favoured by pathogenic organisms, and restoring optimal immune system functionality.


This training course was carefully constructed in a simple, straight forward fashion, making it possible for absolutely anyone to be successful at learning and applying Biomagnetic Therapy.

As a practicing Biomagnetic therapist and teacher, it is my passion to share this incredibly effective healing modality with everyone, including professional healers, Mom’s, Dad’s, and caregivers everywhere.

You don’t need any previous medical training or special knowledge to learn Biomagnetism.

This course will teach you everything you need to know, whether you intend to open a professional practice, or simply help yourself, your family and friends.  



Online Learning

Our video tutorials, corresponding written materials, and online support, ensure that you will fully understand biomagnetism theory and achieve competence in applying this effective holistic healing technique.

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