Course Overview, Fees & Materials

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Who is this course for? 

Parents, Caregivers, Energy Healers, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, other Healing Professionals; basically anyone who has a desire to help and themselves and others recover and maintain health, including: 

  • Parents or caregivers who want to heal themselves, their families and loved ones, using a safe, holistic, drug free, therapy.
  • Anyone wishing to open a professional practice using Bioenergetic Therapy to help the sick and suffering return to their natural state of health.
  • Health professionals already practicing in mainstream medical, or holistic healing fields, who wish to add to their skill set and improve their results.

What will Students Learn:

\"biomagnetismBy the end of this course, students will understand:

  1. How physical or emotional trauma cause pH imbalance.
  2. How pH imbalance promotes and sustains disease.
  3. The symbiosis between pathogenic organisms.
  4. The relationship between magnetic fields and pH in the body.
  5. How balancing the pH can return the organism to health

By the end of this course, students will be proficient in:

  1. Applying magnets using 4 preset protocols
  2. Scanning and detecting pH imbalance with a magnet
  3. Scanning and detecting pH imbalance bio-energetically
  4. Neutralizing energetic imbalances using therapeutic magnets


Course Cost – $150.00 USD.

Students will also be required to purchase an e-textbook not included in course fee.

E-textbook – $150.00 USD and can be purchased upon course registration. When you purchase the textbook you will be taken to the ChiLife University Website. Simply purchase the textbook – there is no need to purchase anything else there. Once you have purchased the textbook – come back to Biomagnetism Training Website.

Therapeutic Magnets: Specialized Therapeutic Magnets are sold separately. We provide a choice of suppliers and range of prices to suit every budget.