How Biomagnetic Therapy Works

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How does Biomagnetic Therapy Work? 

Biomagnetic Therapy works at the biological ground level to detect and neutralize pH imbalance, thus removing the conditions necessary for all kinds of disease, and restoring the immune system to optimal functionality.

Biomagnetism is based on the theory that an organism with a perfectly balanced pH is impervious to disease. By that same theory, pH imbalance within the body can cause organ and glandular dysfunction and sets the stage for the presence and proliferation of disease causing pathogens.

During a Biomagnetic Therapy session the body is scanned for pH imbalance.

Localized areas of acidity and alkalinity are identified in the body using kinetic body testing. Thanks to many years of research, the identity of most pathogens can be known based on where the energetic imbalances have taken route in the body.

Magnets are then used to neutralize the pH imbalance, using the universal law of charges. The negative pole of a magnet is placed on the alkaline zone of a polarized pair, and the positive pole of another magnet is placed on the acidic zone. Magnetism forces the charges together and neutralizes them, restoring balance to the affected areas.

By neutralizing areas of pH imbalance, we effectively eliminate the conditions necessary for viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites —all the things that make us sick!. Within a balanced pH, organs regain functionality and begin to regenerate, and antibodies develop and mature, strengthening the immune system.

Therefore, by restoring pH balance, we are bringing back the conditions necessary for the body to heal itself, the way nature intended.