How To Reset Your Circadian Rhythms With Biomagnetism

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Combat insomnia by re-establishing healthy circadian rhythms

This video shows you how to combat insomnia by re-establishing healthy circadian rhythms using 4 therapeutic grade magnets. Circadian Rhythm is your body’s internal clock that controls the sleep/wake cycle.

Circadian Rhythm can become upset by looking at a computer or TV past 6pm. The blue light from the screen tells out brain that it’s still daylight. Insomnia has become an epidemic thanks to blue lit computer screens and LED lighting in homes.

Resetting these rhythms with magnets is safe and effective,,and best of all DRUG FREE. Biomagnetism was invented in the 1980’s by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran. It has since exploded onto the alternative health scene. Biomagnetism can be used to re-set the body’s pH, effectively eliminating overly acid or overly alkaline pockets where pathogens of all kinds grow and multiply. Magnets can also be used, as in this constellation, to re-establish balance and neutrality in the system.