Legal Disclaimer

It is my legal obligation to inform you that I am NOT a medically trained doctor. Therefore, I cannot, and do not, diagnose, treat or cure disease of any kind. Nor am I a psychiatrist or psychologist and therefore, I do not diagnose treat or cure psycho-emotional conditions or diseases of any kind.  

Taking this course does not certify YOU, or impart on you the knowledge necessary, to diagnose or treat disease, as that is the exclusive domain of institutionally trained medical doctors.

You should always consult your doctor/psychiatrist before embarking on any type of alternative healing or therapeutic program. You are strongly encouraged to continue to see your regular physician(s) regardless of any bioenergetic sessions you may receive.

Bioenergetic therapy is not a sanctioned medical practice, it is an alternative holistic healing therapy, meant to support and enhance traditional medical techniques and other alternative healing therapies. Never discontinue taking medication without your doctor’s prior knowledge and advice. It is, however, advisable, to see your doctor regularly during the course of bioenergetic therapy sessions, as your required dose of some medications may change.  

You are strongly advised to have a ‘pretreatment questionnaire’ and  ‘hold harmless’ agreement, read and signed by anyone whom you wish to give a BET session to. This is especially important if you live in the litigious USA.

Also of regard, is that magnets are always applied over clothing so there is no need for your client to get undressed. Even so, there are sensitive areas (genitalia, breasts) where magnets sometimes must be placed.  I advise you to ask the client to place the magnet(s) themselves in these cases, and if, for whatever reason, they can’t, be very clear of what you need to do and ask them permission before embarking.  

Above all, use common sense, apply the therapy with humility, and celebrate results quietly, not seeking personal recognition. After all, we are merely resetting the conditions necessary for the body to heal itself, the way nature intended.

Elle Molineux


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