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Congratulations on your commitment to learn Biomagnetic Therapy!

If you are reading this, it is likely you stand out amongst your peers, as a warm hearted, intelligent, curious and open minded person. I have noticed that most of my ‘in person’ students are natural leaders and innovators, who look ‘outside the box’ for ways to heal their clients and family. In your hands, the information contained in this Biomagnetism Training Course, and in the accompanying E-Textbook, can positively impact many lives by restoring the precious gift of health.

Thank you.

Healing Tools

Throughout antiquity, humans have relied on the tools available in their natural environment to maintain health and treat illness. It is well documented that herbs, crystals, and sound therapy (chanting) were accepted means by which wise men and women healed their tribes. It is lesser known, but widely documented, that as far back as 2000 years BC, magnetism was being used to treat illness and maintain health; the tools of old being magnetic lodestones.

Unfortunately, in more recent history, it seems we have lost sight of these simple, yet powerful healing principles, tools and modalities. Slowly but surely, local wise men and women, have been replaced by institutionally trained doctors who are trained to identify and suppress symptoms by prescribing pharmaceutical drugs. These ‘prescribed’ drugs are synthetic chemical compounds that often cause dependency and addiction. Moreover, they are often quietly toxic to the human body, causing organ, tissue and bone damage. These harmful ‘side effects’ are actually, unwanted direct effects, for which more drugs are prescribed. In this way, patients find themselves in a never ending cycle, being continuously ‘treated’, but never cured. Clearly the overall results have been disastrous to human health.

Biomagnetic Therapy

Over the past several decades, traditional healing modalities are experiencing a grass roots revival. Stepping up to take it’s rightful place in this return to genuine healing practices, is Biomagnetic Therapy.

I am honoured to be disseminating this valuable knowledge and helping integrate this powerful healing modality back into the mainstream. By taking this course and helping people, using biomagnetic therapy, you will be celebrated as a innovative leader and trusted healer. Take great pride in the fact that you will be a catalyst in helping people everywhere embrace their natural state of health, joy, abundance and balance.

Sincerely, Elle